My name is Holger. I'm a passionate UI/UX Designer for mobile games, a people manager and talent developer. I live and work in Berlin Germany.
What I do within the game team:
 • Early UX and feasibility check with product and producers
 • Developing prototypes, mockups and testing strategies together with gamedesign
 • Running usability tests, focus groups and interviews with the target audience
 • Creating UI and visual guidelines with the art lead
 • Hands-on implementation of UI in coordination with the engineering department
 • Animations, shaders and particles: either myself or with tech-art
I have been hosting yearly [four-day] UI/UX courses at the Designschule Schwerin since 2019.
In my free time I work with talented friends of mine on indie games or do pixel art for fun.
"Better is good." - B. Obama